It's time to know better the guest speakers (so far confirmed) of ISA European Conference of Arboriculture.

  • Dr Karl Niklas (Cornell University). Authors of the book "Plant Biomechanics" and "Plant Physics" among others;
  • Dr Cecil Konijnendijk van den Bosch head of the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management. Editor of the journal "Urban Forest and Urban Greening" and author of some book related to Urban Forestry;
  • Dr Frank Rinn a technical expert, researcher and manufacturer;
  • Dr David Nowak Leader in the development of UFORE (i-Tree) model;
  • Dr Rimvys Vasaitis, one the most prominent expert in Field Mycologist, Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology.

More potential and prominent speakers have already submitted their abstracts to be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.

It's our pleasure to inform you that ACER magazine will be Conference Media Partner. Acer is a technical magazine founded on 1985, dedicated to all green and environmental items. Acer has also a newsletter with over than 19.000 contacts.

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